Brake Service

Brake System

Are your brakes giving you a hard time, too soft or noisy? Are you encountering any of the following brake system issues like –

    • Is your brake pedal being spongy or pedal too low?
    • Is your warning light on?
    • Are you hearing any grinding or squealing sounds from your brakes?
    • Is the ABS light on?
    • Is your traction control light off ( this could be speed sensor ) ABS needs this sensor to do its job correctly. As well as the brake sensor!

Don’t risk your life!
We have the solution to all braking issues: from the brake pedal, type of brake fluid, master cylinder, power booster, drum brakes, To the electronic anti-lock brake ecm. Our expert technicians have the detailed knowledge, experience and skills to resolve all of your brake system issues. We can repair all models of brakes. Performance means braking as well!