Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Check Engine Light

Is your vehicle’s check engine light turned on?

Don’t take it lightly, your vehicle may be experiencing an issue with its ignition, fuel delivery, or emission system. When an engine light is turned on it could be an indication of either a defective gas cap or a bigger engine or an internal issue that could lead to expensive repairs in the future if not taken care of on time!!

WARNING if you encounter a FLASHING engine light. You could have a misfire that may damage your catalytic converter! Any flashing check engine light is an engine or smog device damaging problem. It must be looked at immediately!! A steady light means there is an issue that should get checked when possible. In most cases, a check engine light on will prevent you from passing smog. After the repair, the vehicle will have to be driven for a predetermined distance for the computer to reset its monitors of the obd2. Don’t put it off, get your vehicle diagnosed with Willow Glen Auto Electric. Our professional auto service mechanics will investigate the issue, and check engine codes being shown-present, history, and pending. We will inform you of the problem, give you an estimate of the repair and work on the repair once approved.